Part 1: A Family of Appliances

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A family of household appliances that presents a future scenario in which users are actively involved in producing, repairing, and modifying their own products. By using 3D printed, CNC manufactured, and standard components, the resulting machines can be reproduced one-at-a-time rather than on the scale of mass production. The family of appliances consists of a toaster, a motorized grinder, a vacuum cleaner, and an electric kettle.

Part 2: Variations
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Components of the original family of machines are changed and expanded to create a vacuum built around a plastic thermos, an industrial-size toaster, and to transform a machine created to mix ceramic glaze pigments into a kitchen mixer.

Part 3: Manuals
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For each of the four main appliances, a single page manual provides building instructions, links to download the 3D printed and CNC milled components, and sources for the necessary salvaged or recycled parts. In combination with the set of tools available at Fab Labs though out the world, the manuals allow the appliances to be reproduced by nearly anyone, from nearly anywhere.